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With a pure heart, we can tell you that you are on a safe and original distribution site!

We are well aware of your fears and fears that you may purchase your sex doll and receive something other than the one shown in the picture, of poor quality and possibly even life-threatening or toxic dolls. Unfortunately, there are quite a few fraudsters in the world who pretend to be official distributors of original brands, but not at all. Such fraudsters distort the market and, in the short term, deceive customers who do not carefully study all the content and information on a web page.

Even on sites like Aliexpress and ebay, amazon, you can find sex dolls with much lower prices and seemingly original pictures from the manufacturer.Do not trust such deceptions. Prices are set by the official manufacturer and the official distributor must be certified and can be presented by the dealer.


So where can you buy real sex dolls?

We can surely tell you - you will get one of the widest assortment at us. And that's not all! We are stable and secure in what we do. Our activities are maximally focused on customer service and quality. We invest in the comfort of our customers, so we have the largest warehouse in Europe. This means that we have invested a tremendous amount of effort in deploying an assortment with the widest selection. And if you choose, you will be able to get your sex doll in the shortest possible time, rather than most other traders offering long delivery times, as they only mediate and make you wait a long time.

We offer a full range of high quality service. You can completely configure your doll, choose what's ready to ship to us, and purchase a variety of suitable accessories. We have a customer service team to assist you with any questions you may have.

We always send you real pictures of the doll before we send it out of stock so that you have complete confidence in what you will receive. We have a full warranty and return policy (see Terms and Conditions for details).

You can definitely look at the Reviews and News section of our customer photos for photos, the satisfaction they've received, and the real stories of how our dolls have got new homes.

Feel free to ask us all questions and enjoy the process of choosing, as we have made it as easy and understandable as possible for you!
Your convenience is our value!

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Warning and be ALERT!

With the expansion of the sex dolls market, the cases of low-quality purchases have become more frequent. Please note that low-quality dolls are made of cheap materials (even recycled TPE) that can contain harmful chemicals, therefore, can be toxic and hazardous to health.

Please be alert if:

  1. The same brand is selling at a much lower price,
  2. It's an unrecognized brand,
  3. It imitates the design of famous brands.

Please note that we at Doll X Doll sell only authentic dolls from reliable brands.