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Customer Sex Dolls Reviews

These are really new emotions! I am absolutely amazed at how very real it feels to touch her! All the holes and skin are so soft and real that I am born again in sexual fantasies! Ideal for a girlfriend to use it in real life! Thank you!


At first, it seemed to me that All of this was artificial. However, I recommend that everyone try it. I lost my awkward feelings and insecurities in my sex life. It's the perfect workout and you can make love whenever you want. She is always ready for your whims!

John S

This one was pretty fun! At first, we laughed with my girlfriend, but in the end, we had a very fun evening! We are both positively charged! Now we use it when we feel bored and need to add some color to our sexual life! Awesome!

Jacob C

Pirmo reizi pasūtīju lelli, jo biju izstādē un redzēju dzīvē šito brīnumu. Domāju, ka visiem būs pārsteigums, ieraugot dzīvē to. Nereāli realistiska sajūta. To caur bildi grūti saprast. 

Jānis P

Baigi labs serviss. Uzreiz atbildēja menedžeris un visu palīdzēja piemeklēt man, jo liela izvēle mājaslapā, nevarēju uzreiz saprast visu. Paldies, ir labs! 

Hārdijs B

Penelope is ultra amazing. The pictures looked very tempting, and life turns out to be even better, haha. This TPE material is really very gentle and pleasant. Thank you guys, good choice!

Jimmy G

I really appreciate being able to pay a little extra and get your doll in just a couple of days. Super that you created an in-stock warehouse. Don't wait for 30 days! Thanks again!


We could not choose a third friend for a long time Us: D But customer service came, thank you very much, really helped to understand what is different and what is different. Doll just awesome!

Martin G

All in time, thank you! I advise everyone to use Direct delivery, pay ridiculously little money and deliver the goods directly to you. And the box was not glued as spoken! Thanks again!


At first, I was distracted by those wrinkles on the doll's skin but contacted the service and explained everything to me. Now everything is fine and the skin has got a smooth texture after warming and cleaning. Everything like a real person, lol.


Заказал себе подругу для досуга, доставили в обычной картонной коробке и быстро. Подруга оказалась сговорчивой, так что всем доволен.

Ruslan B

Обратился с уточнениями в суппорт, ответили оперативно и помогли с выбором. Настроил все параметры под свои предпочтения, ждал доставку около 3-ех недель, но ожидание того стоило! Материал TPE на ощупь очень приятный.


the staff has been great! 

Lexie 166cm C-Cup !!


Personable and friendly staff help ensure a seamless problems at all!!!

Celine 162cm A-Cup


This is one of the best dolls I've purchased and the experience buying was a pleasure. Thanks, Doll X Doll!

Dominic C

She's beautiful and tons of fun! I am happy with the delivery of my doll from Doll X Doll. Some minor misunderstandings regarding shipping time caused me a little trouble receiving the delivery but it eventually resolved.

Jeremy S.

These dolls are very well made and realistic, but they are also very delicate. Do not use perfumes or body sprays. It reacts to the material and makes the doll sticky. But overall everything is super cool! Thank you!

German J.

Выбор куклы занял много времени, потому что у вас очень широкий выбор. Но когда я получил свой PENELOPE 166CM- я был ошеломлен. Она действительно похожа на женщину настоящей мечты. Спасибо


I would like to say that I was expecting a doll for 20 days as it was said, but I received it 3 days later. But this is not a long delay. When I saw the doll, I realized it was worth the wait: D

Harry B.

Everything is very good and the doll really looks very realistic and I like it! Just be careful with your fingers as they are soft and should be careful with them. Very good doll from Jarliet! Thanks!

Larry S.

I advise everyone to immediately think about the clothes to order for the doll. Because the set comes with a very simple piece of clothing.

Timber F.

If you are planning to buy a doll, I really recommend DXD because the customer service here is great. They answer now and answer any questions you need to know before buying the doll. They also help me with the buying process and keep me updated on my doll. Thanks DXD


If you are thinking of buying from anywhere, I would recommend this site. We will definitely buy again from here. They worked with me on everything from splitting the price to multiple cards, and before sending my doll they sent me photos to make sure everything looked good.

Ivo R.

Customer service was very good with constant emails telling you how the purchase process is going and when you are expected to get your delivery. The doll is amazingly lifelike and feels like a real person.

Clarkson S

So Ups dropped my doll and damaged the neck. I worked on the DXD staff and they took care of UPS mistake. They sent me a tool to fix it and comped me a free doll head. I appreciate it, gentlemen.

Samy A

DXD is great to work with, the quality of the doll I purchased is outstanding. The material quality and sculpt are excellent, and the doll looks beautiful in every way. My doll arrived in perfect condition on time (even a little sooner than I expected!) and was packed securely and safely in the box. Thumb up! 

Fill R.

Is it necessary because each breast is slightly larger? After communicating with the customer service, the man said that women in reality have different breast sizes.

Serene A