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Having questions?

Very good! Then ask us! We are very excited about all the issues as we develop this way and can provide you with all the information personally!

Most importantly, please fill in all the necessary information so that we can give you an individual answer! Only in this way can we evaluate your questions.

Feel free to email us any question, because the most stupid thing is not to know the answer. And we can guarantee that we know all the questions because we once asked them just like you!

We know that one of the greatest assets of man is the ability to speak many languages. Doll X Doll team can communicate with you in English, Russian, Latvian for a moment. We will definitely not stop there and soon we will find more and more languages.

We also understand the need for confidentiality, and we will NEVER share your contact information with anyone.

Fill out the form and contact us today, and we will help you make your dreams come true. Or simply contact us directly by phone at:


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