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Doll X Doll

About Us

Doll X Doll is Global Sex Doll Online Shop

Doll X Doll is a European company with clients across the globe, in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA.

Doll X Doll history

Doll X Doll is a European company and an authorized representative of the world's leading doll manufacturers.

We would like to point out that Doll X Doll shareholders have extensive experience in the adult industry since 1997 when they started working with the world-famous company Wicked Pictures.Our company has one of the largest warehouses in Europe with more than 150 models of dolls and accessories ready to ship.Understanding your anxiety about ordering your sex doll and waiting for what you feel while waiting for her to deliver. And we totally get this miracle of having a surprisingly hot new doll in the bedroom.


We have visited several doll manufacturers and checked quite a few realistic sex dolls before finally deciding on suppliers that we believe we are offering the best quality sex dolls at a reasonable price.

The top priority is customer comfort. We want you to feel 100% comfortable, even with a doll, before buying, because after all, it is a significant investment. Realizing that love dolls have a stigma attached to them and that is why we want you to feel at ease when making a purchase or contacting us to ask about a new realistic sex doll. We have no silly questions, no embarrassing admissions, just really curious customer questions.

Customer Support

Desiring to deliver a complete customer service and satisfaction experience to all customers, you can always expect the highest quality products at the most affordable prices with the Doll X Doll brand. Doll X Doll offers high-end luxury products and brands from leading global manufacturers. We are authorized resellers of all these brands and we are proud to offer them to our customers.


The company is very confident in what is offered to you and thoroughly checks it. Therefore, before sending you, we send you pictures of the Doll X Doll logo as a test of safety and quality. We give our customers the greatest insight and are passionate about the products we sell. We want all our customers to be 100% satisfied with our services and products.

Doll X Doll offers shipping worldwide and covers all customs requirements for shipping to the EU.

Doll X Doll

Certified Reseller