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At DollxDoll, we realize how important your doll is to you. At the same time, we also recognize the investment you make when purchasing a sex doll. When you purchase a product of such high value, you expect to get what is advertised on the website.Too often there are instances of sellers misguiding or cheating customers, selling subpar products and overall providing a far from acceptable service.

This gives this community a bad name and is something we are trying to make a stand against. This community, for us at DollxDoll, is fundamentally about giving and receiving love and tender care. So promise to not compromise on that.
We at DollxDoll have created the Doll X Doll Guarantee for your 100% Satisfaction. We hope this gives you peace of mind and not sour the excitement of a new doll on the way.



We offer a guarantee on every doll or accessory purchased from us. In order to protect our customers and give them the peace of mind, we created the guarantee to ensure you know you are buying from a trusted seller who has your best interest at heart.
In short, we make a commitment to you that if there is a mistake with your order, any defects or any other problems, we will fix the issue. You only pay for shipping.



Yes, as soon as you check out your doll product from our store, you are automatically covered by the Doll X Doll Guarantee. There is no need to opt in, no minimum order value requirements or other long winded refund processes. As long as you have bought your product from us and we have a record of this, you are covered.



When you receive the doll we suggest that you thoroughly inspect it from head to toe before using. This is a very important step. If you discover that there is an issue with your doll or it has been damaged, please report it to us within 24 hours at it is also important to include as much detail as possible including any images and videos in your email to us. We can begin the process to resolve the issue.



In order for us to offer an exchange on the doll or repairs, you must ensure that the doll is in “new” and “unused” condition, as it arrived. Any sexual contact with the doll will show up under our safety checks and we will not be able to offer an exchange. We have very strict hygiene regulations in order to ensure one used doll doesn’t contaminate any other dolls. So, if you have used your doll, please understand that we cannot accept it for return/refund. However, we can help you repair the damage. Please get in touch with our support to arrange repairs.



Skin imperfections or color – minor skin imperfections are quite normal on sex dolls as the TPE is injected into the molds. These should be viewed as features of your doll rather than defects. Any major defect would be spotted prior to you receiving the doll and fixed. Also, it is normal for skin color to look a little different on computer screens versus real life.

Finger & Toe Nails – The nails on the dolls can often become loose during shipping as a light amount of nail glue is used to ensure they can be removed by the user, painted and reattached should you so wish. If they are loose simply remove them at re-apply with the nail glue.

Eyelashes – when shipping the doll, we pack them with a protective eye mask to protect the delicate eye area of the face. If the lashes do become loose, simply use TPE safe eyelash and nail glue to reattach them.

Makeup Differences – every single doll that is made has been custom created just for you. We take extreme care to match the doll’s makeup to the photos on the website. However, due to the custom work done on each individual doll, every doll will be unique and differ slightly. Should there be a substantial difference, we will spot it in quality control before the doll reaches you.

Used Dolls – as above, any dolls which have been used will not be eligible under the Doll X Doll Guarantee.

The guarantee does not apply to discount and promotional items.

User Damage – If any damage is deemed to be suspicious and user-generated, it will not be covered. This covers damages due to hyperextending of limbs, keeping the doll sitting for too long, scratch marks, etc. We reserve the right in this instance to no longer honor the guarantee.




DQC (Double Quality Control) by Doll X Doll and Standard Quality Test. What does it mean?

DQC, or Double Quality control, denotes an individual process that includes detailed, systematic quality control processes at Doll X Doll warehouses in Europe.

The standard order includes factory-specified quality control conditions for the product. Attention - this type of order does not have a 30 day return guarantee.


We recommend our customers to use DQC by Doll X Doll as this gives you the following benefits:

1 Individual DQC Quality Test By Doll X Doll.
2. Sending photos with DQC result to customer.
3. Special sealed and breathable packaging from Doll X Doll.
4. 30 day return guarantee.
5. Agreeing the exact date of delivery.


DQC by Doll X Doll not only offers the highest quality security for your doll and many benefits. But that includes much more generous gifts! Doll X Doll Loves your customers, and when you love someone, you give them gifts, don't you? We definitely give a gifts!


At DQC, we have the following great gifts:

1. Two wigs of your choice
2. High quality lubricant
3. Exclusive discount on your next purchase (for doll)
4. Underwear set from Doll X Doll


And this gift set is not just for Christmas ... but we are your Santa Claus all year long, little naughty...;)