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On image: 158cm B-Cup

Sex Doll Pao

From:  1,974 EUR

With size 7

Ready to Ship / EU stock

  • Select body type *

    Choose your body type (each body type has its own parameters and price), which will be the doll of your choice, with the image of the head in the picture. Adjust your body parameters and skin color of your doll in the options below.

    You can see the Body parameters of the model used for the photo shoot in the lower right corner of the image.


    Please, select the desired skin tone for the doll and head. By default, the hue will be the same as you see in the photo. This option is free.

    This option allows the doll to take additional, more playful poses for a photo shoot or other actions.

    You can choose the standard flesh for the bottom of your doll. We also offer you to choose a particularly comfortable and soft bottom, which will give you a very realistic feeling and great adventures.


    Please select the desired wig for your doll. By default, the wig will be as in the photo. This option is free.


    Choose your favorite eye color for the doll you create. By default, the eye color will be as in the photographs. The function is free.

    This option is designed to allow you to customize the look of your doll individually. Eyes are rotatable as you like and you can indulge in play and different situations.


    This is a great option to choose permamento makeup for your lips. Different shades and brightness will make your doll always look fresh and festive.


    Choose the firmness of the breast that you like to touch more. With the HOLLOW option, your chest will become softer. The function is free.



    This option allows you to choose the size and area of the nipple that you like best. The default size of the nipple is as in the photo. The function is free.

    The painted parts of the body on the doll may look different in life as the pictures are made in a professional photo shoot.

    This unique option will allow you to experience the first act with your doll. It will make you feel first time and you will be her first owner.

    This option allows you to choose a Vagina hairstyle. There are several choices with more or less hair and styling. Choose the one you like best.

    This option allows you to select the type of vagina you want. It can be built into a doll and also removable and easy to maintain. As well as a new type with special terrain and built into the body. Ultra soft vagina is a specially formulated soft body that will give you a full range of pleasure.

    Bikini line coloring will give you a realistic feeling that your girl has been on the beach and sunbathing. Personalize Your Doll!



    You can choose the most suitable colors for your nails on your hands and feet. This way, your doll will be even more tailored to your taste. This option is free.

    This option will allow you to place your doll upright. And it will not damage the foot skin and will not deform the material. By default, there will be normal feet, with no option to place it upright.

    Additional options include a number of accessories that will allow you to easily do many practical things. Body warming for real feelings, tattoos like a real person, a hook to comfortably hang and store the doll in safety, and a carry case where you can also conveniently store the doll.

Have you chosen your doll? Sino Doll and Doll X Doll are happy to announce, that in a set with the Doll you will get:

  • A wig
  • A set of clothes
  • A set of cleaning device
  • A pair of glove
  • A comb

Accessories might look different or might be replaced depending on stock status.

Attention! To conduct a photo shoot of the models shown in the photo, clothes, shoes and accessories that were not included in the package were used.

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Dolls Ship Only When You Have Seen & Approved Factory Photos

No Suprises! Price Incl. Shipping, Customs & Taxes within EU

Premium Medical-Grade & Non-Toxic Materials

100% Discreet Billing, Shipping & Packaging

Shipment With Shipment Tracking

Final Inspection by Doll X Doll

Professional After-Sales Service

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Measurements shown in the table above are for reference and can be different in real life.

Why Doll X Doll

Worldwide Shipping

Discreet Shipping

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Only Original Sex Dolls

For Your Doll

Dress Up Your Doll

Create sexy doll with Doll X Doll and enjoy.

Have you dreamed of a blue-eyed blonde with big breasts, an oriental beauty or a sexy athlete? Or are you attracted to girls with a big tight ass? Now it’s all possible!

And if you have not found your dream doll from our range in the largest warehouse in the EU, then you can create your own individual doll!

Yes Yes! That sexy doll that you want to see for yourself or give to friends. And she will look at 100%!

We will tell you the main points in customizing an individual doll:

The first thing you need is to go to the Sex Dolls section.

  • Sex Dolls is a section on our website that contains all possible doll models. The initial selection criterion is the head with the makeup shown in the photograph and the doll’s face. You can adjust other parameters according to your wishes.
  • Selecting a doll with a face that you like and clicking on it, you will be taken to a separate doll’s office with a photoshoot, where you will be offered options for individual settings.

For most Doll X Dolls, you have the opportunity to choose mouth-watering bodies from the lineup with different heights and other parameters to your taste. Choose the body that you like!

The main parameters and sizes of different bodies will be visible to you when you hover over the image of a specific body. You can see the comparative characteristics of the body in the measurements section.

Next, you can adjust the color tone of the doll from the proposed options as you wish. For example, do you like a tanned body or, perhaps, prefer snow-white beauties? Everything is possible! The color of the head and body will be what you choose.

After choosing the doll body and skin color that you like, you will be offered other additional settings to create an individual doll.

Choose a wig and breast nipple size, adjust eye color, vagina, and manicure, etc. Do you want a firmer or softer and more realistic chest for your doll? We can do this for you too.

You can choose a removable vagina for your doll (a higher level of hygiene) or a built-in (which looks more realistic and beautiful). Any choice will give you a lot of pleasure.

If you want your doll to be able to stand, order the stand function and she will be able to take additional sexual poses.

You can see the full list of possible individual settings and options for your doll on our website when setting up your doll. Depending on the manufacturer, settings and options may vary.

Follow the step by step in a good mood, and soon the same doll will be near you and will be ready for you for everything you want!

If you have additional questions, please contact us and our professional consultants will help you decide or advise on a possible solution. We work for you and for your pleasure!


We recommend that you use the following to clean the doll. This is not a hard and fast rule however in our experience this will make your life easier and ensure you are giving your doll the best possible care:

  • Antibacterial soap
  • Water
  • Talcum powder (baby powder)
  • Light sponge
  • A second sponge cut up into smaller swabs
  • A non-abrasive drying cloth
  • Medical pincers
  • Strong paper towel

Take care not to bend or raise your doll’s arms and legs beyond their limitations (similar to that of a person) as this may cause fractures in the material.

Depending on the type of silicone it might produce oils, and at times these may be visible on your doll’s skin. This is perfectly natural and all you need to do is gently wipe it off with a towel.

If your doll’s skin becomes stained, you can gently clean the affected area with soapy water. Never use any corrosive cleaning agents. After drying, lightly dust your doll’s skin with talcum powder.

Generally speaking, you can use the same products on your doll as you do on yourself and your clothes. Soap, shower gel, and mild laundry detergent are ideal.

How do I clean my doll?

Cleaning your sex doll’s body is very straight forward. Depending on how often you use your doll, we would recommend cleaning every 14 days to avoid and bacteria build up on the doll and to help prolong the doll’s skin.

The process is very much similar to cleaning yourself. You can choose to either shower your doll or to submerge your doll in a bathtub. If you are going to put your doll in the shower it is very important that you do not allow the neck or head to become too wet (this helps to avoid complications further down the road such as rust on the neck screw).

Simply use the light sponge to thoroughly wash down the doll with the antibacterial soap, making sure not to apply too much pressure to preserve the skin.

There are two aspects to this question, one being for hygiene whilst the other for the longevity of the doll.

We would suggest that clean your doll every 2 – 4 weeks. This should be the perfect balance between hygiene and ensuring your doll lasts as long as possible.


You can place your doll into a wide variety of positions but when not in use it is best to restore her to the original factory position. If left in another position for a prolonged period, wrinkles may appear, particularly at the joints. Should this occur, put your doll in the suggested storage position to allow the wrinkles to reduce naturally.


Our manufacturers use silicone paint for your doll’s makeup and although it is made to last, do not wipe or rub it aggressively. Take particular care when cleaning the face, eyebrows, and eyelashes as these areas are difficult to repair when damaged.

You can use cosmetic products such as lipstick and blush on your doll but avoid those that are too thick or greasy as they will be difficult to remove.

When removing your doll’s makeup, please do so gently using a mild makeup remover.

Please refer to SEX DOLLS MAINTENANCE for more information on doll care and instruction manuals.

A symbiosis of SINO-DOLL fantasy and skills. One of the most experienced manufacturers and world-famous. We are proud to distribute these masterpieces that will surprise any critic or lover.

The factory uses the safest material (platinum silicone) to produce high-simulation dolls and sex toys. These Dolls are a work of art where you are seduced, attracted, aroused sexually, tempting you to Eve and Adam's apple of sin from the Garden of Eden. You may reach Everest for an orgasm of pleasure. Try it out!

Doll X Doll logo

DollXDoll is proud to be an important partner for leading manufacturers. DollXDoll is one of the largest warehouses in Europe for fastest delivery.

Our policy is based on three principles - a premium product at an ex-factory price, satisfying the customer's desire as quickly as possible, providing a new level of customer service, delving deeper into each customer's specific desire and meeting the highest criteria and deadlines.

We love our customers!

Doll X Doll is certified reseller of Sino Doll


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Worldwide Shipping

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100% Legal

Our dolls are 100% legal to own

She is waiting for you...

Delivery in EU 2 - 5 days from our dollhouse for ready to ship sex dolls


FAQs about Pao

Our company has one of the largest warehouses in Europe, where approx about 150 models of dolls are ready for shipment. We offer FREE worldwide delivery and cover all the customs for shipping within the EU. All our dolls are 100% authentic and only from trusted manufacturers.

We are officially certified distributors of more than 12 of the world's leading manufacturers who have full confidence in their quality. Our pricing policy is completely transparent without any hidden fees.e that it has been used (we will provide proof), the return will be rejected.

Original dolls are made of high quality, proven silicone or TPE material. Double security and quality controls are performed. Fake dolls are made in underground illegal production sites, where toxic, recycled silicone alloy is most commonly used and can be harmful to your health.

The parts are of poor quality and very different from the original.

Yes of course! Your privacy is our priority! We declare the product as a mannequin to protect your privacy. Your doll will be packaged in a brown plain box. No one knows what’s in the box except you!

Yes! We offer a guarantee on every doll or accessory purchased from us. In order to protect our customers and give them the peace of mind, we created the guarantee to ensure you know you are buying from a trusted seller who has your best interest at heart.

In short, we make a commitment to you that if there is a mistake with your order, any defects or any other problems, we will fix the issue. You only pay for shipping.

The question is subjective. Do you enjoy sex and passion? We love it. And most people in the world do it for pleasure. We believe that a sex doll is one of the safest ways to indulge in your fantasies and experiments.

Sexual life is definitely good for your health and emotional state. Perhaps it is the sex doll that will allow you to reach new horizons of love and you will be safe and try everything with your partner.

We can assure you that Doll X Doll is one of the fastest deliveries in Europe. 2-5 days delivery in EU! Just because we are certified distributors of the world's leading brands and we have the largest warehouse in Europe.

Therefore, delivery is as short as possible. For more information, see the Delivery info.

Yes of course! We have selected the optimal gel types based on our high-quality criteria. We also offer a lingerie line so we can dress up our beauty and diversify our shared adventures.

For more details see everything in the Accessories and Lingerie section.

Yes of course! We will be happy and honored to assist you with any questions! We have great responsive professionals who will take care of your needs and help you find the perfect solution for even the most individual requirements.

Feel free to contact us via email, chat or phone number. We offer personalized counseling completely free of charge!

Both materials are widely used because they are non-toxic and in most cases non-allergenic. Both silicone and TPE are characterized by external temperature absorption. Both can store absorbed heat for a longer period of time.

However, TPE can store heat faster than silicone. This allows sex dolls to absorb partner body heat faster. Unlike dolls made of silicone, TPE sex dolls are more humane. This feature makes TPE sex dolls more attractive and gives them a real skin feel.

Silicone is very smooth for most lovely dolls. Due to this nature, silicone is characterized by its own skin sensation. Using this process, the TPE surface can be made porous. The texture is very close to human skin. TPE feels much softer than silicone. You can read more about consumables. More info you can read in FaQs about materials.

Custom Doll Order Process

20 - 30 day delivery

1. Build your Doll

In the sections Sex Doll (on the head) , you can select and customize an individual doll using the different parameters listed when scrolling the doll page.

If you like the doll as in the photo, select the body parameter (as in the photo), and in the additional options, select “same as on image”.

After choosing a model, click "Add to Cart".
If you need any help, just ask! 

2. Place an order & Payment

Register on our site and enter the dolls delivery information and contact information you need. Choose the payment method that suits you and pay. The price is final and has no additional cost.
All your payments are completely secure.

3. Order confirmation

You will receive an order confirmation email.

Please check the details and send us a confirmation that everything is in order for the selected custom doll parameters and delivery location, so that we can move on.

4. Production begins

After receiving payment, production may take 10 to 20 days, depending on the specific model, some may take more or less time.

In some cases, we can speed up the process for you or offer a similar model from our warehouse, just ask us.

5. Your doll is ready

We will send you photos from the factory if necessary.

Please confirm that everything looks correct, or let us know if some adjustments are needed.

We have created it specially for you!

6. Confirmation and delivery

Once approved, your model will be sent to you and you will also receive a tracking number within 3-4 days.

Delivery time depends on your location. Tracking numbers indicate the estimated date of arrival.

She's neatly packed and on the go! She is very excited because you will finally meet!

7. Delivery celebration

You have it! She is waiting for you...

Carefully unpack the box while holding it horizontally on the ground.

Do not forget to read the manufacturer's instructions before meeting them, and ... Have a nice evening!

We will be glad for your feedback. It is very important for us! 

Want a sex doll now?

Doll X Doll has the largest stock in EU.

Ready to ship-  dolls are delivered within
2 - 5 days to EU countries.

Ready to Ship Doll Order Process

2 - 5 day delivery in EU

1. Choose your doll

The most popular dXd doll models you can choose in section - Ready to ship!

You can see the doll parameters in Measurements.

Watch and choose the princess you like and just click - "Add to cart".
If you need any help, no worries, just ask us!

2. Place an order & Payment

Register on our website and enter the dolls delivery information as well as the required contact information. Choose the payment method that suits you and pay. All taxes are included in the price.

All your payments are completely safe and secure.

3. Order Confirmation

You will receive an order confirmation email. Please, carefully, check the details.

After receiving payment for the order, we will send you photos of your doll so that you confirm that everything is right with it.

We want to make sure that everything matches before sending your order.

4. Shipping and tracking

After receiving your confirmation, dXd will send you a shipment with a tracking number. Delivery time depends on your location.

According to the EU, delivery usually takes from 2 to 4 days.

She's neatly packed and on the go! She is very excited to finally meet you!

5. Delivered

You have it! She is waiting for you...

Carefully unpack the box while holding it horizontally on the ground.

Do not forget to read the manufacturer's instructions before meeting them, and ... Have a nice evening!

We will be glad for your feedback. It is very important for us! :)

161cm C Cup Premium Head Bianca 8
Jude Law in Steven Spilberg's movie " Artificial Intelligence".

"Having tried sex with a robot, you will never want to do it again with a human"


Doll Movement

Our sexy dolls are very sporty and flexible! Do you like gymnastics? She really likes it! See how many variants she can bend!

This image shows the basic movements and folds that a doll can make. The following is work for your fantasy. For more information on how to use the doll, see the instructions for use of the sex doll. There you will find all the information you need to be a real master of your doll!

Now understand that she is very flexible and can obey any of your acrobatic fantasy tricks! Dreams come true! Morning Yoga and Evening Kamasutra in Your Day Filled! Enjoy!

Alert Img

Warning and be ALERT!

With the expansion of the sex dolls market, the cases of low-quality purchases have become more frequent. Please note that low-quality dolls are made of cheap materials (even recycled TPE) that can contain harmful chemicals, therefore, can be toxic and hazardous to health.

Please be alert if:

  1. The same brand is selling at a much lower price,
  2. It's an unrecognized brand,
  3. It imitates the design of famous brands.

Please note that we at Doll X Doll sell only authentic dolls from reliable brands.

Doll X Doll

Certified Reseller 

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